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Michelle Brand

People come, people go - Yet everyone is moving in the same direction. We all are sharing something that we are unaware of, creating one big picture we are unable to see.
The film explores the idea of how everyone is connected in a way we may not realise. By sharing time, space and movement, we overlap and create a bigger picture.

United Kingdom


The Circle

Lanre Malaolu

The Circle is a bold and lyrical portrayal of two brothers from inner city London, and the challenges they face daily, interpreted through dance.

United Kingdom


On In 15

Joseph Archer, Jack Archer

A knockout show ... with a knocked out frontman

A band are about to perform at the biggest gig of their lives, except a monumental problem hits them 15 minutes before they go on stage, can they fix it time?

The comedy short film, set in the 1990s 'Cool Britannia' era, is filmed in one 15-minute continuous shot.

United Kingdom


Eyeless in Parkway

Lou Sumray

A Megabus journey from Bradford to London. Driven by the organic feel of the charcoal and Gerrard Bell-Fife’s original music, the journey twists and snakes through desolate places taking you somewhere you might not expect.

United Kingdom



Andrew Ball-Shaw

Emotional drama short film looking at how the lives of mother and daughter are affected by the mother's declining health, as a person living with dementia.

United Kingdom


That Joke Isn’t Funny Anymore

Hannah Currie

Can Lindsay's love for her husband Paul sustain her through the trauma of his brain injury, which leaves him in a perpetual loop of memory loss and joke telling?

United Kingdom


Nice Shoes

Jonathan Lawrence

A sci-fi extravaganza that is as pointless as the lyrics. Over 40 classic movie references are featured in this epic music video.

United States



Sitanshu Datta

This is the music video of Carla Stark's song Wallpaper.



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