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Gabriel Medeiros


DFFO 21 Film - Dear Ale

Bay Area-based filmmaker and musician, Gabriel Medeiros has been honing his talents contributing to community art projects through the Signal Boost Art Collective as an organizer and videographer. Whether it’s through documentary or narrative films, Gabriel brings his own unique blend of music, film, and theatre to create eye-catching, funny, and thought-provoking works. With a strong point of view that emphasizes the different kinds of connections that we all share. He believes the tools and resources to make and view a film should be easily accessible to everyone.

Gabriel has been featured at the 2017 Poppy Jasper Film Festival with his short film, Slackers in Paradise. His short-form documentary, Dear Ale, debuted at the 2021 Drunken Film Festival and featured in AHITH 2021 Film Festival and Florida Film Festival 2021.

Gabriel Medeiros
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