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Ginny Rotten


DFFO 21 Film - angel: TEETH

Virginia “Ginny Rotten” Salvador (she/her) is a Peruvian-American visual artist and filmmaker based in Southern California. Experimenting with raw found imagery, her work is a surrealist look at the banal moments that create the vibrant human experience.

Playful, raw, and experimental, Ginny Rotten’s work is an expression of the everyday centering around themes of existentialism and the human relationship with the body. In video, photography, and graphic design, she explores a giddy frustration with the mundane through colorful and distorted editing of simple, naturalistic footage.

She is a part of the intersectional feminist production house Onyx, working as a director of photography on short films "How to Make Friends" and "Catching Up". Her personal work has been featured in the Luna Collective’s Introspection Winter Zine and the Oakland Drunken Film Festival.

Ginny Rotten
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